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Soul Song

I am pleased to announce that my second book is now available to purchase in book and Kindle format. 2013 has been a busy year so far in getting these two books written, edited and up for sale. It is something I have hoped to do for quite a while. So here they are and hopefully some of you will wish to spend some pennies and support my work. Every sale makes a difference.  Thankyou.

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Product Description

In your heart remains the echo of the Ancient Calling of your Name. Its hope and purpose is to ignite the conscious flame of your response, that you may know yourself. This call is invoked eternally and is in perfect harmony with your Soul. It is your Soul safeguard, your individual identification gifted to you at the very instant of your creation. In the Beginning was the Word. This calling of your name never ceases. There is never a time when it is not. Be still then and listen for this invocation of yourself; the naming of you that is your sacred belonging in and through the Divine Presence. Within this call is all that you are; all that is unique; all that you were created to be. Its sound contains the totality of your perfection. This is your Soul Song. This book follows the Celtic circle using the ancient Prayer of Enoch, exploring the knowing that the Divine is in all and your need is simply to respond.
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And a reminder for the first book Testimony:
Testimony Kindle
Product Description.
TESTIMONY is the account of 10 precise mystical visions given to the author over a period of 10 days in 2011 which detail the overview of the Holy Spirit of the period of time we live in and are experiencing now; and the period of time we are entering and what we should expect to happen. Testimony is a similar work to John’s Revelations in the Bible, Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love and Theresa of Avila’s The Interior Castle, coming from the same source and bringing revelation into the modern age. Testimony enriches this field of metaphorical religious literature and demonstrates that Divine revelation continues into our own time and that the Divine Creator both cares for and is intimately aware of our lives and difficulties that face us in our world today. At a time of immense upheaval and concern within all areas of the world over so many issues, the Divine reaches out to us again to reassure us, to wash away our confusion and to bring us inner peace; in reminding us of our real identity and that we are indeed children of the Living God. Its author has belonged to the mystical tradition since Jesus Christ first appeared to her at the age of 3 years old, and taught her nightly for 4 years, then after appearing to her twice in older life. As a mystic she stands at the fringes of any religious tradition whilst encompassing all in their essence and truth. Thus this work appeals to those of any religious belief and those of none who seek inner peace. As a mystic much of her time is spent in contemplation, solitude and prayer, this is her rock and the source of all her writings and her work is always uplifting and celebrates the Loving Creator who wishes us to approach and know Him without fear. “And I was shown twelve cities, all constructed of a different precious gem. Each city had a gateway within its outer walls and I was told that these twelve gates are the ways in which the faithful enter the Kingdom of God. Each of these gates represents a quality of virtue by which we are known. Each city is surrounded by its wall and along each wall are twelve towers. Each tower is guarded by twelve angels so each city is guarded by one hundred and forty four angels. Some of the angels held flaming swords, others trumpets and one angel on each wall held a scroll, written on which in fire was the names of all who were allowed into this city by their virtue. And these things are shown to you so that you may know the truth.”
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Leading By Example: The Orthodox Offer In Cyprus

Referring again to Pope Francis 1st and his statement that he wishes the Church to be poor, an amazing example has today come forth from the Cypriot Orthodox Church, the likes of which we have never seen before in our times. Perhaps given the times we live in we are at last beginning to see the true meaning of the Christain message shining through, and coming from the top.

Although this financial situation is playing out on the stage of Cyprus, the issues spread much wider around our globe, and have implications for those in many nations including those who are well outside Europe. I see from Internet discussions that the situation concerns many American citizens worried of what precedents may have been unleashed in the actions of the past few days!

So it is with surprise and pleasure that I report the offer made by the Orthodox Church today and if you follow the link there is more detail:

Cypriot religious leaders have stepped forward to attempt to alleviate the crisis. After meeting the country’s president this morning, Archbishop Chrysostomos said the Orthodox church was willing to mortgage its assets to invest in government bonds.
The orthodox church owns a hefty stake in the country’s third largest bank, as well as property and even a brewery.
“The entire wealth of the Church is at the disposal of the country…so we can stand on our own two feet and not those of foreigners”, he declared.
Last week Archbishop Chrysostomos criticised “Europeans’ meanness” and said he would prefer the cash-strapped country abandons the euro as its currency rather than accept a bailout deal setting the economy back decades.
Cyrprus Orthodox

David and Goliath: Lady In Red

“In her red cotton summer dress, necklace and white bag slung over her shoulder she might have been floating across the lawn at a garden party; but before her crouches a masked policeman firing teargas spray that sends her long hair billowing upwards.”

A woman dressed in a red summer dress, with a white handbag slung across her shoulder meets the NWO police, dressed alike, armed the same…regardless of which country they originate in. We see them in our streets around the globe every day…

She is such a threat to them isn’t she, so armed to defend herself or threaten them obviously…

She is viciously sprayed directly with tear gas with such a force  that her hand stands on end.

She is an environmental protestor, a small David, against a fully armed trained Goliath funded and ordered by the state.

Lady in Red 1

Lady in Red 2

I shall never meet you Lady In Red, and we don’t even speak the same language- I salute you.

Mysticism: Our Ancient Wisdom: The Pathless Path: Irina Tweedie

I have had a break for a couple of weeks and I hope people have now managed to catch up with past posts. Welcome to all my new readers from many different countries; I hope you enjoy dipping in and out of this blog. For those who are new followers, take it from the beginning if you can as there is a pattern to this blog and one post follows a thought covered in the previous post, so it builds rather like a picture. The videos are all well worth watching, even though some of them will take time, and the absorbing of what they have to say takes longer…it is a lifelong process of developing and refining what is already within us to bring out into the world to share. These videos will take us though to next week, so no more posts until then. Stephanie.

Here we are looking at Irina Tweedie, for those familiar now with Llewellyn Vaughan Lee this explores deeper into the thoughts and mystical outlook. Irina Tweedie was the teacher of Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. In these documentaries she eloquently talks about the Ancient Wisdom, that is Mysticism. It is the One Ancient Wisdom which is above and beyond all the variations that we find in religions; and is their root, the one-ness that joins them all together. This is where we are all joined, where only One-ness exists. This is why we mystics talk and quote from all religions, why we do not align to any particular doctrinal rules and dogma, as we know them to be man-made. We incorporate all because we LOVE, our work is LOVE. This is what you call God…but even the title God limits it. The One-ness, the truth is LOVE.

Irina Tweedie (1907, Russia – August 1999) was a Teacher of the Naqshbandiyya- Mujadiddiya Sufi Order.

Born in Russia and studied in Vienna and Paris, Irina Tweedie married a British naval officer after the Second World War, who then died in 1954. His death launched her on a spiritual quest that led her to India in 1959. There she met her spiritual master, Radha Mohan Lal, a Hindu Sufi Sheikh from the Naqshbandiyya-Mujadiddiya Sufi Order, whom she called Bhai Sahib (Elder Brother). She became the first Western woman to be trained in this Naqshbandi system.

Her teacher’s first request of her was to keep a complete diary of her spiritual training—everything, all the difficult parts, even all the doubts. He predicted that one day it would become a book and would benefit people around the world. Indeed it became the book, Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. This diary spans five years. It is an account of a spiritual training with a Sufi Master and is the most detailed account of the relationship between disciple and teacher that exists in Western Literature. The book is written in diary form. From a psychological viewpoint, the diary maps the process of ego dissolution, gradually unveiling the openness and love that reside beneath the surface of the personality.

The book was first published in its abridged form as The Chasm of Fire which has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into five languages. Later the unabridged book, Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master, was published. This title has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide and is now being published through The Golden Sufi Center.

After his death in 1966, she returned to England where she started a Sufi meditation group in North London. Gradually the group spread throughout Europe and North America. Irina Tweedie retired in 1992 after having named Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee as her successor.”I hoped to get instruction in Yoga, expected wonderful teachings, but what the teacher did was mainly to force me to face the darkness within myself and it almost killed me…. I was beaten down in every sense until I had to come to terms with that in me which I kept rejecting all my life.” — from the Foreword by Irina Tweedie

Part 1

We as mystics [lovers] stand outside because we are already inside the sanctuary, and thus we have been labelled heretics and persecuted throughout time, regardless of which religion we have been born into and grown up in. Because we speak of the One-ness, we are seen as a threat to those who wish to use power for their own interests. Some of us say “why do you go to the church/mosque-the Beloved is everywhere”. Churches, synagogues, mosques do not like this! We state that it is only God that abides in each soul, and is its creation, journey and destination. We all state the same, the mystics whose “labels” are attached as Moslem, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Sufi…

Part 2

Part 3

In this one she says how she is here to confuse. I have also said the same thing in my posts. Mystics gently confuse, irritate if you will the lower state of mind within you in order that you can transmute  into understanding the greater Truth which you seek within yourself. The roads to God are as many as the children of God. You go away from these posts and do the rest yourself…or don’t! And the Great One aids you and helps you both at night, and during the day.

Part 4

Stand naked before the Truth, no props, no outer manifestation. The Yogis of Silence. We mystics are the idiots of God! There is no separate existence from God.

Part 5

All Our Privacies Are Open

I just found this quote on this blog: and thought it was superb. So here it is for us all to ponder and enjoy.

I will govern my life and thoughts as if the whole world were to see the one and read the other, for what does it signify to make anything a secret to my neighbour, when to God, who is the searcher of our hearts, all our privacies are open?

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC to AD 65), Rome

Sing Songs That None Have Sung

Today my heart is breaking due to family “challenges”. As I experience the pain and release it all to God, I think it is a good day to post this, which I have held in drafts for just this occasion. For I know that around the globe, many share the experience of sorrow today and I am not alone in mine.

“Sing songs that none have sung, think thoughts that ne’er in the mind have rung; walk in paths that none have trod; weep tears as none have shed for God. Give peace to all to whom none other gave, claim him your own who’s everywhere disclaimed. Love all with love that none have felt and brave the battle of life with strength unchained.”

 Paramahansa Yogananda