About Me

My main blog: Livinginthemonasterywithoutwalls contains my writings-the result of what I learn at the sacred altar within each day. I have been attending this altar for 50 years now since I was 3 years old. It is a calling, and it transcends all religions; mystic tradition encompasses all and is bound by none of the mainstream religions since we as mystics are bound by no rules or dictate other than the presence of the Living Creator. We belong to no order although we do exist alongside them, often in close union through our prayer life and practise. My chosen life is that of  one who acts as the bridge between the monastery and the world, one who communicates as our sisters and brothers have done throughout the centuries. For many years our tradition was expressed in enclosure supported by the people, including royalty and valued by the people for the comfort and presence that we brought with us to the window where people stopped and spoke with us. Nowadays our world offers us other means of sharing such as the Internet and Blogging, opening vast global windows of our world.

Over the years I have had work published on the Internet on many different websites and have also self published many small booklets. These include, The Crystal Rainbow, Julian of Norwich, The Christ Mysteries, The Divine Feminine, Iona, and Little Book of Wisdom. I was the first registered Inter-Faith speaker for Scotland, offering led retreats for both lay and religious.

I try to put into words that which is beyond words, when sound, vision, colour and meaning are intertwined in one whole experience-yet cannot be described adequately since they belong to the realms of the Great Silence, beyond the world of the physical. Until I was about 30 years old I did not know what the “mystical tradition” was-and felt utterly isolated in my difference of experience. Yet upon reading Theresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich I found kindred spirits at last; and then discovered that it was indeed a rare and challenging path. The word through time has been corrupted in meaning-and many now profess mystical experience that bears no resemblance in either the spiritual discipline nor the revelation.

It is with gentle confidence in the Love of the Great Silence and Creator that my words are offered to you-to work through you as I am promised they will, my only role is to be the bridge that aids us all in the crossing of the river. In that sharing of all that we are; I also deepen my own journey. So thank-you for sharing our journey with me.

I have recently changed the background for my blog and so now on each post page you will also find a Gallery alongside it, which contains some of my own photography of the local area where I live, in the magnificent Highlands of Scotland. I am immersed in my landscape here, physically, emotionally, spiritually and it sustains and inspires me, so I felt it was time to show others the Beauty which surrounds me everyday. I do intend to add more photos as I go along.

Stephanie by Ardmair


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