The African Context of Early Desert Christianity

Fascinating exploration by Oden, well worth a read by the looks of it.


A valuable resource and important research centre: The Center for Early African Christianity –
Three books coming out of the Center are of particular interest:
How Africa Shaped
Thomas C. Oden “How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind: Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity” [IVP Academic, 2010]
“Africa has played a decisive role in the formation of Christian culture from its infancy. Some of the most decisive intellectual achievements of Christianity were explored and understood in Africa before they were in Europe. If this is so, why is Christianity so often perceived in Africa as a Western colonial import? How can Christians in Northern and sub-Saharan Africa, indeed how can Christians throughout the world, rediscover and learn from this ancient heritage? Theologian Thomas C. Oden offers a portrait that challenges prevailing notions of the intellectual development of Christianity from its early roots to its modern expressions. The pattern, he suggests, is not…

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  1. absolutely fascinating.. I’d love to know how the desert fathers are linked with these other ancient Christians

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