Compassion: The Golden Rule of Religion: Karen Armstrong

I have just re-read The Spiral Staircase by Karen, and of course I have read her book, The History of God. She and I sing from the same great root. So I am delighted to tease you towards this lady’s work; if you have not already come across her, with this short clip on Youtube. Her work is profound and in this day and age, perhaps more important than ever.


2 thoughts on “Compassion: The Golden Rule of Religion: Karen Armstrong

  1. Have you read her autobiographical title “through the narrow gate”? It was given to me to read while I was on my journey towards OHP by someone who thought it would put me off coming to Religious Life. It’s quite interesting, and it highlights the need for proper care for people testing a vocation in this direction.

    • Stephanie says:

      No I have not read her autobiography as yet; but it is on my lengthy ‘to read’ list. But I have recently been reading The Forgotten Desert Mothers, [sayings, lives and stories of early Christian women] by Laura Swan…now that’s a good one! We all hear so much of the Desert Fathers, but Palladius estimated that the Mothers, [Ammas]…outnumbered the Fathers by two to one!

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