The God of Small Things


The Infinite Love that we name God, created us and all that is; in its own image and likeness, cradling us, nurturing us and walking beside us in our infinite eternal journey towards fulfillment of its Purpose and Reason…Love. This is our Creator, whose magnificence and beauty is beyond our human imagining and reasoning. This Divine Creator who created from itself universes of billions of stars, of planets teeming with diverse life such as ours, of vast spaces where time and gravity are infinitely poised in harmony and space for Love’s expression of Itself.  Each tiny thing is accounted for, loved into existence and cared for. Every grain of sand, every cell in your body, every possibility and presence is known. Such tenderness, such care, such beauty. Such Love. This is what I have been given to understand, and shown over the years. It is our task to look deeper, look closer at everything that presents itself to us each day, for reflected in this is our Creators desire and Reality for us, even when appears deeply hidden behind the outward human masks of confusion and misunderstanding that we often mistake for life’s experiences. In our first impressions we can often not cross what seems to be a bridge too far, a gulf between what we see which can often appear conflicted and sometimes ugly experiences and what we know to be the true Light and Beauty gifted to us by our Creator which abide within us. This is when we must look harder, deeper, until we find that which our Creator urges us to see. We are worth more than shallowly accepting falsity and masks…we are capable of seeing Infinite Reality. Blake captured this in the poem below.


To illustrate the hidden nature of things and our God of the small things who cares so profoundly and deeply for each and every on of its magnificent creations, no matter how simple and humble, I have chosen to show things under the microscope….First sand…

sand 1

Grains of sand

And flowers

wild flower meadow

Wild flower

And now to me and you…firstly our red blood cells

Your blood

Our brain cells

Brain cells

And our DNA circles

DNA circles

Praise therefore is a natural act of Love, to acknowledge and thank our Creator of the small things which are beyond anything we could see or imagine. And praise can ensue from our hearts, our lips, our  work, and our interactions, showing itself in our relationships with each other, ourselves, a stranger, our communities and nations in the respect and honour we afford each other when we know in our hearts that we are all children and creations of the same One Living God. Then it matters not which way we choose to praise, nor which culture  we entered into this world through. It matters not what colour our skin is, whether we are materially rich or poor. What matters is how we treat each other and all that is created and whether in our actions and thoughts we are truly living the Love that we embody as children of Love itself for Loves purpose. Below is a beautiful praise…the Prayer of the Soul. Our Soul knows no cultural or religious boundaries as its truth, for it knows they do not exist. What exists is the Infinite Love. Perception.