All We Need to Know is The Love: Love Has No Boundaries

This post and the one that follows uphold and honour my own perspectives as a mystic of our real hope and mission of Love whilst in physical form here on Earth. We are all created in Loves image, for Loves purpose and in our own daily lives we may strive to open ourselves to this Love that we may serve others by recognising it in others and responding to it. By constantly opening ourselves to this Love in every activity we do, in being mindful of ourselves, we invite Love to enter, and in doing so, get the opportunity which constantly renews to serve each other better. By laying our weapons of judgement and harshness down, we enable compassion and grace to fill our hearts and minds instead. We become more gentle with others and start to enable Loves great transformation of ourselves and of our world experience. Yet Love is also passionate, how passionate our Creator must have been to create such diversity and such beauty. How much fun and happiness is included in this beautiful Creation, each smile, each belly hearted laugh and joy,  each hop, skip and jump is of our Creator. This post also encapsulates what my blog has been putting out into the general world since it began. A monastery without walls.  Its philosophy is also my whole 56 years of experience with God who walks forever beside me, throughout eternity… before I came here, whilst I am here and after I lay down my physical form. I remain with God at all times and in all places and thus what I choose to do with this time of incarnation, my purpose is Love…to my very best ability.