Hidden Prayer

I have just found this truly amazing blog, in which there is a veritable feast of information that many of you may like to look at. From the Romanian cave hermits, to a modern day anchoress who lived in a hut, following the war, attached to Walsingham, named Pinions…this blog is like an encyclopedia of those who choose the solitary path and dedicate their lives to following God. It is my pleasure to bring this blog to your attention.


The Fathers and Mothers of the Desert spent much of their time in prayer. The believed that prayer was as much a form of action as, for example, more visible works of charity. They did not need to be in the midst of those in need to offer fervent prayers for them. In their prayers they lifted up those in need – whether known to them or unknown – to the Throne of God.

In the desert of the city we all too often assume that prayer is not action, that our private prayers achieve nothing. Yet a person sitting quietly at home in the city, lifting up those in need before the Throne of God, surely labours against darkness and for the Light.

An elderly and inform priest, unable (as he saw it) to carry out an active ministry, lived in a flat on top of a busy shop…

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