A Monastery Without Walls

Worth reblogging my very first post of what this site is all about, posted back in April 2012.


Living in the Monastery Without Walls is a blog detailing my writings, experiences and thoughts of a life lived in thetemporal world whilst also attending the altar of the sacred, the spiritual. For it is true that many of us whilst not feeling the call to monastic enclosure;still have the call to prefer the sanctuary of inner grace and to live a life dedicated above all else to God. Whilst monks and nuns dedicate their lives to prayer and observation according to routine and dictate of order- those of us who live in the monastery without walls face daily challenges and opportunities, unfettered by convention; that enable us to be the sacred Word living out in our thoughts, words and deeds a wider mission with all those we encounter.
To be in the world, yet not of it provides unique challenges and opportunities. It is obvious that we meet the…

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