Holding The Vision-Our Heart in our Hands

This is a piece I published way back in 1998 in a magazine I was co-editor of. Having just found it again, it still resonates in these times of fragility, change and challenge that we live in right now. I have lightly edited it and added some recent photos I have taken as well.


First Published in Eastern Light Magazine: Issue 21 1998

 The Tenth Insight of the Celestine Prophecies is entitled, ‘Holding The Vision’.  This would seem very apt at this time, for many of us have experienced our hope of a fairer and more equal world, one in which the many may experience more fully expressing their own unique gifts they brought into this world to share with us all.  Yet we also find ourselves incapable and frustrated in our attempts of sustaining our birth gifts, yet alone living them fully as our reality.  Thankfully some souls do manage it against all the odds, and their light shines brightly as a beacon for us all. The Light Foundation was a vision, held by one woman as she developed and evolved to a stage where she could manifest its birth into the physical plane.  As she then began to release it, she found other dreamers who had been dreaming the same dream, drawn to her at exactly the right moment, as if by magic. I believe that one of our challenges at this time is to dare to dream our world better. To dream is to be inspired, to be open enough to connect to our Universal Selves and not be bogged down with many of the minor and petty distractions of the small mind.  Yet it is not enough merely to dream.  The dream is but the first stage of our vision and remains intangible without its completion, i.e. work. ‘Work is love made visible.’ Kahlil Gibran. The Prophet. The completion of vision is both the completion and closing of a full circle and the source of its own new beginning. Birth and rebirth. If the dream is the idea, so the work – the action, is its completion, its fullness and without action we remain dreamers isolated in our dreaming, enraptured in the beauty and wonder of potentials, as children gazing at the rainbows in bubbles.  Here if we get caught and lost in these bubbles of dreaming the wastelands of insanity beckon us.

Findhorn was the vision of three people held jointly and the action was simply two aspects: the Allowing, i.e. the faith in following the dream vision, and secondly the Enabling, i.e. the creation of a small vegetable patch in Love. Love in action. Love made visible. Work. Pluscarden Abbey was raised from the rubble by a few dedicated monks who dreamed/envisioned of its rebuilding, its dedication to God and His service. There are many examples everywhere for us to ponder on and draw courage from. These photos are ones I took at Pluscarden Abbey, a beautiful favourite place of ours, near Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland…not too far from where we live. It’s a great place to spend a retreat too. Lovingly restored by hand, you can find out more about this sacred space and the community of monks here:



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I feel that one of the most challenging aspects of spiritual movement within our times is dissatisfaction.   We find it in our families, communities, our workplaces and in our nations.  Just as the individual is a microcosm of the larger society, so society is the macrocosm of the individual.  Thus when we see the pain, suffering and restlessness surrounding us, we should see that these factors are also experiences within ourselvesWe are thus both the problem and the solution.  This offers hopeDissatisfaction contains an inherent energy that invites us to change that which we are unhappy with.  Vision holds its potential as a satisfied state in the making, work is love made visible, but dissatisfaction can be the driving force; this deep desire to shift from one state into another, a catalyst of change.  Thus we have within this circle the potential to alter our world by bringing the vision we hold within, out into the open, via the channel we call ourselves.  Our challenge is to bring all the beauty and light we all contain within ourselves out into our world for others to share.  To make our world a place where all would choose to live.

Alas, fear is also energy.  It is an energy that serves to lock our visions and inner beauty tightly within, prohibiting change.  It cheats us by imprisoning us and it cheats others, as they cannot see our dimmed light held within.  Our fear to release our Light and beauty keeps their world as well as our own, darker and unfriendly to life.  A light in one room cannot be expected to keep a whole house sparkling.  Holding our vision is a process; from the seeing to the doing.  It is about finding our courage, our truth and purpose and sharing them.  It is about finding the light that is uniquely ours and fanning it into a bonfire that can act as a bright beacon for other travellers. We become a lighthouse flashing out to others.  It is about recognising and acknowledging our darkness as well as our light, about understanding those elements of ourselves and the act of transformation. It is about honouring others by first learning to honour our self.  It is about journeys, and about faith, trusting our self first, so that we may develop trust of others.  It is about finding and sharing our uniqueness and finding that we are all One. It seems God calls each of us to follow His own specific calling for us, our task is to diligently and humbly search out our truth until we know what it is and then say “yes”, just as Mary did.

In everyday life we have choices.  In each of these choices we can opt for repeating old familiar patterns or choose a new option, a new way of being. Resurrection in this sense occurs many times a day and thousands of times within each lifespan. We have the potential to renew ourselves every moment of every day.  When we choose change, we choose a new experience and receive a new reaction.  Our sense of self – responsibility grows to take the place of blaming others for our misfortunes and we seek instead of blame, the possible lessons and learning challenges contained within each situation.  We begin to understand that we are not buffeted here and there by a feckless deity, or meaningless existence and we have more confidence to take control of the steering wheel again.  We trust the winds that drive our paths into unknown places of living instead of fearing them. We glimpse new horizons with interest instead of dread.  In other people we grow used to seeing ourselves and we develop compassion in the place where once we criticised without thought. This also means we learn how to be kinder to ourselves in that process. We take our vision, honour it and try to achieve our very best with it.  We honour its arrival and its departure as a natural rhythm of the ebb and flow of the life experience. We no longer cling on, we let go and see where the wind will take us, like pollen blowing where it will, trusting that our arrival is assured and already taken care of by a Higher authority and understanding of our journey. The daisy cares not where its pollen lands. We honour the moment and are grateful for all that is gifted to us at this moment in time, being good custodians of our gifts, yet always willing to pass them to others who have more need than we when the moment changes.

There is a truth in the saying that we get the governments and society that we deserve.  As we work on changing ourselves, so all around us changes.

 You have been told that life is darkness and in your

Weariness you echo what was said by the weary.

And I say that life is indeed darkness – save when

There is urge

And all urge is blind – save when there is knowledge.

And all knowledge is vain – save when

There is work.

And all work is empty – save when

There is Love;

And when you work with Love,

You bind yourself to yourself

And to one another

And to God.

Kahlil Gibran.

The Prophet


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