Chrysalises, Butterflies And Sleeping Beautys.

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Llewellyn Vaughn Lee is asked a question about Waking and replies about the Waking Heart. It is the stage where one is continually spiritually awake, the heart is awake and abides in God in a conscious state. He describes this as God within us, the Divine Presence being awake within us and for me the word that best describes this is Presence, we then abide in God’s Presence. Keating then talks of the process of surrender and this encapsulates the path, the process if you like to get that point. The point when one becomes fully present, awake as such is always given by grace, the kiss of the Beloved is needed to awaken us; we ourselves cannot engineer that, but our part in it, is the willingness to surrender, and put ourselves into that space where this may happen. In our silence we develop the fruits of the spirit, the spirit of the Christ and we surrender our small will to the Will of God. This does not involve us praying for things to happen for us, to us, or others in the normal way people pray. Usually people pray FOR something, and this silence I am talking about, the emptying of ourselves to sit in Presence, this Contemplative Prayer is not that. It is a journey that continues to deepen as we wander down the pathways of the merging, and the path when consciously being followed becomes both narrower and wider…that usual paradox…both/and. We cannot limit God! [In spite of our best efforts.]

The Prayer of the Heart, of which there are several posts in the archives, is an unconscious prayer in many ways, erupting from the heart which enriches this process and we do reach the level where when we awake in the morning, the ‘words’ are still being spoken from the night before when we fell asleep. We wake with the prayer, we fall asleep with the prayer, we live the prayer in all our daily life, and it is the One within us praying, continually within our deep tranquillity of silence…but we are now becoming more and more aware of it…whereas previously we were oblivious to this even going on within us.  This is the wakefulness, the growing awareness of this Presence: God within us, the invitation of/to relationship that we are now aware of, which we can now develop more, deeper…by acceptance and surrender, and be consciously aware of throughout our day in ordinary physical life…at the office, with friends, on the telephone, in the supermarket…in our dealings with all others whether we know them or not for now we start to realise with a universal consciousness that all are one, that there is unity within diversity…and as we go deeper that diversity does not actually even exist!  From this point on, once woken it will guide our every thought and action. Silence becomes much more appealing, desired, valued and understood for its richness. Now we will choose carefully, responsibly, with awareness and quantum divine consciousness…and our lives will become very different to the ones we led before when we inhabited the shadow lands, the caves of Plato…we are being transformed by a fire of the heart. The alchemical furnace of Love.

Heart on fire

It is true when the questioner says that the first stage of awakening is realising that one has been asleep previously and this is easy to see by people’s levels of consciousness when they interact with us. It is very easy to see when people are awake and when they are asleep…when you are awake! The clues are laid bare in their words, deeds, actions, thoughts, conversations, the way in which they live their lives, the things they hold as important, and for the most part, many many millions at any given time are fast asleep, snoring away distracting themselves in their dreaming, with anything that they can find to satisfy their dreams short-term and without having to think about it or themselves. They are sleeping beauties, and we all know it takes the kiss of their Prince to awaken their heart and their return to consciousness…

Sleeping Beauty

They are in chrysalis mode, tightly locked into their dreaming, with transformation just around the corner yet still out of sight and out of mind to them.


The expression sub-human that Father Keating uses to describe antagonistic actions caused by a misunderstanding of diversity in which war is often played out is apt. It is sub-human, less than we can be, something that comes from being asleep, not aware of our Oneness. For when we are, such acts are truly unthinkable in every way. [Yet this Oneness spoken of does not refer to any political agenda of a New One World Order either, which only serves to reduce, control and destroy in its manufactured engineered sameness; to destroy if it can the very point of human existence and human potential, human expression and human individuality which is to extend Love to create yet more Love in universes yet unknown, yet uncreated! No the purpose of that oneness is to keep all sleeping, for them to fail to reach their potential of waking into full Divine consciousness.]

The last words of Jesus on the cross…”forgive them Father, they know not what they do” encapsulates this knowing that many are asleep. ‘They know not what they do’…because they are not awakened, they are asleep, the Divine Presence within them has not merged to become One within their consciousness and thus they are still living at a purely animalistic level. We see it in our current world. We see it in our history and we will likely see it in the future, sleeping people, not aware of the Divine within them, or twisting a shallow understanding of what that is, because of their spiritual immaturity as yet, into justifiable destructive acts and using teachings from others, that have not come from the awakened Divine within themselves, to justify their atrocities and destructive actions. This is why people often say that religion is the problem, the cause of all wars. Religion can be a map, with good signposts to the path of peace, but only when the individual’s realisation transcends the stale dogma which has become fixed…and to transcend that, to awaken within our Soul and merge with the Divine whilst physically incarnate…to bring heaven down to earth whilst fully alive… is something that needs our not just following blindly spoon-fed teachings that we are given, but active personal engagement, willingness, enquiry, and surrender…a giving ourselves up willingly to Love and a jump beyond fear.  We must understand or be prepared to at first acknowledge that this immense Eternal Divine Love cannot be equated with our earthly behaviours of destruction, horror, terror, fear, war, revenge, retribution, anger, punishment, and the like. They are oil and water..they do not and cannot ever mix. We cannot know God whilst we hold these notions of God’s opposite being our truth.  We cannot awaken and bring our baggage with us…justifying it along the way…we cannot pass through that needle’s eye and drag it all behind us. We must surrender it all, ourselves and desire the Divine.

We cannot argue with God that all others need converting to our belief system. We cannot justify our slaughtering hundreds and thousands is ok because we are doing it to create peace, or end terror or get revenge for deeds done to us, or our ancestors.  We cannot call others with differing beliefs, infidels, or Godless, for we are all God’s creation, the Divine Presence is within all of us, each person, each leaf, each stone and pebble on every beach. Whether each is awake or not is an entirely different matter…but who are we to justify destruction or humiliation because someone is sleeping. That would be as insane as killing every chrysalis because it has not yet emerged as a radiant butterfly…which it will…in its own time.


In this sense then, for example, the Christian cross is a metaphor for life and hope and not of death. It is because the Awakened one, Jesus was in full awareness, wakeful and aware when he went to it, that he was in the Father’s Presence and knew that death does not exist to the wakened part of the self, the Soul. He is perfectly able to forgive the sleeping chrysalis of humanity because he knows both humanity and the physical death for what it is, both in reality and potential. He knows humanity will emerge as the butterfly, he knows that we too shall do all he did and more. He knows who we are. He knows who he is. He is awake. He is Presence. Presence has brought Heaven down to Earth in a perfection of harmonic circle that cannot be destroyed, the circle cannot be broken. In this higher esoteric mystical understanding the seed potential that was disrupted with Adam, who entranced by the physical ‘fell asleep’ is transformed by fire and released into the Cosmic Adam to grow into its potential, by the Cosmic Christ who is also the seed in full completion of potential, within the Cosmic Adam. When the early writers of religious texts tried to relay this mystical understanding, they struggled to impart the meaning in terms that could make sense for hundreds, maybe a couple of thousand years and more. The same problem exists today. When you have to translate mystical God Awareness, Wakeful Understanding into a story/parable, the details get a bit skewed and many years on, can be dismissed as mere fantasy!

It is only the physical shell that lays down its existence here, but the Soul within us is ever-present, ever conscious, Eternal. It carries on.

Human Divine Template

That’s my posts for this week folks…hope you enjoy the videos…and I am off back into the Silence for a breather!


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  1. Thank you for these beautiful words…I always liken us to a rose bush, the roses which bloom first are no more precious than the ones which bloom last…we all blossom when it is our time…

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