The “Crown Jewel” of the Northwest Passage

In this beautiful post Jesse touches the soul of the Arctic and its people…as well as his own. It is my pleasure to reblog this and hope you will all enjoy this glimpse of another lifestyle around the remote places…


For hundreds of years, men have set their sights on the Northwest Passage. Motivations were primarily trade, beyond the passage. Then as time went on, fur trades were developed in the Arctic as a way to fund further exploration and or at least justify a presence here.

When Roald Amundsen made the passage a reality, he changed the arctic forever. Yet like many accomplishments of man. We lose focus on the why and emulate others. Like parrots we quote men, long dead because we wish to blend our lives with those of our fallen heroes.

I too had immersed myself in this nostalgia.. But these past weeks exploring the Arctic, meeting the people and experiencing them in their homes, on the land and in the schools, my focus changed… There was a nagging in the back of my mind, as to what seems to be missing among us all.


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