The Grace of Accounting for our Life, A Sermon on Luke 16:1-13

Food for thought with this one for us all.

Interrupting the Silence

Most commentaries or sermons about today’s gospel, the parable of the unjust steward (Luke 16:1-13; Proper 20, Year C), either begin with or quickly make the point that is it just a strange and difficult text; and it is. It doesn’t make sense. A dishonest employee is commended by his boss? That’s not how we want the world to be. That’s not what we teach our kids. That’s not what we expect Jesus to say or encourage. So I want to begin somewhere else. I want to begin with something that, while not necessarily easier, is a bit more understandable and familiar.

“Give me an accounting of your management,” the master said to his manager. We’ve all heard those words. It may not have been those exact words but at some time in our life, probably many times, an accounting has been demanded.

  • The IRS invites us to…

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