Selling God’s Home: One Nun’s Story

Following on my theme of faith lifestyles, here is an interesting case of an extremely dedicated woman, who stands, courageous and physically alone in her daily worship and life of what she deeply feels are the authentic teachings and Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. I see a great quiet courageous dignity in this woman, and wonder why Julian of Norwich keeps coming so strongly to my mind as I watch! Authenticity is about becoming real.  It is a dangerous business, and it takes a lifetime.


This documentary was produced in 2003. It tells the story of a hermit nun, Sr Irene, who, with the local bishop’s blessing, built a small hermitage for women on the West coast of Ireland between 1992-95. Around 1995 she was given special graces. With spiritual guidance from a local traditional Catholic priest and in view the crisis in the modern Church, she returned to the Holy traditional Mass and teachings prior to Vatican II. Always remaining faithful to her vows, she nevertheless found it increasingly impossible to have easy access to the traditional Sacraments. With so few priests offering the Latin Rite Liturgy in Ireland, it was rarely celebrated in her private oratory. With no regular Mass, like-minded candidates were not encouraged to join her. In 2003 she therefore made the difficult decision. With her bishops blessing, she moved to Athlone in the heart of Ireland within walking distance to the Tridentine Mass where she continues her life of prayer and sacrifice in her new “Holy Family Hermitage”. To this day she remains loyal to the Holy Father and the unchanging Magisterial of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Quote from comments:

Update: The nun eventually got sale of her property last year and is now living in a 3 bed residential house in Athlone. She moved there only for the Latin Rite Liturgy. There is, I am told, I woman coming to join her shortly. However, she is very much alone in relation to Church support. She doesn’t fit into the SSPX mould, and the Local Bishop is confused since he knows nothing about hermits, or so she was told by the local parish priest.