Watchmen of the Night: The Monks of St Mary Magdelene Monastery: Catholic

Here is a documentary about the monks of St Mary Magdalene Monastery. I personally find this one deeply soothing, the chant sends me into the sublime regions beyond time almost instantly…and I also found the interviews with the monks themselves and how their families reacted to their vocation very interesting and relevant to some of the reactions I too have experienced.

This video is 52 minutes long, so take the time to luxuriate! I am posting this towards the weekend so that people have a chance to really sit down and enjoy its peace and spotlight into a life that revolves around prayer and contemplation.


5 thoughts on “Watchmen of the Night: The Monks of St Mary Magdelene Monastery: Catholic

  1. Thank you Stephanie for this video. The solemnity and devotion of these men reached out beyond the screen to touch those of us who can resonate with the sweetness of their devotion, solitude and prayer.

  2. meetonline says:

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    TGIF! Thank you for the share.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you for the reblog. Although long, this is just such a soothing relaxing inspiring video…in my opinion anyway! Its one I shall watch time and time again, when I feel the frilly edges of stress getting me down! I was delighted to find it and be able to share it.

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