Photography Included In The New Gallery Section

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the new followers just joined us; I hope you will find lots to interest you on this blog, and in the archives and hope you will use the comments boxes too. I am posting at the moment on the theme of The Infinite Breathes Me…but here is a little aside from that because…I have just changed the background appearance of my site so that I can include my photography in a Gallery called My Photographs, which is a slideshow…and is on right hand side under recent posts. I must admit to being quite excited! I am so imbedded in this incredible landscape that I and my beloved husband are fortunate enough to live in, emotionally, spiritually, physically that it does have a profound influence  and driving force on me and what I experience, feel and write. In the gallery are photographs I have taken of beautiful things and areas close to me here in the Highlands of Scotland.  I shall add more as time goes on, and when I have time! I suppose if I have any theme to my work it is a celebration of Divine Beauty. I think that is a theme to my mission statement in life that underlies all I attempt to do, whether that be blogging, writing, photography, my art and my embroidery, my marriage, relationships and friendships. I try to look until I can see it in everything. [Sometimes I have to work really hard at that one!!]

I have never felt so at home in any place as I do here in the magnificent Highlands of Scotland. Neither my husband or I came from this geographical place, [although my family history is littered with Scots all over the family tree, so it is VERY much in my blood.] We were born and lived for many years in its complete opposite in many ways-the lowlands of Norfolk, in England. Not a hill in sight there! But about 11 years ago the dis-resonance of life there for us was so great that we moved 570 miles north to this place that had captured our hearts and souls and absolutely refused to let them go. We as humanity and individuals make choices in life, even when they are difficult, and turn our lives upside down…and sometimes we rail against the impending change even when we know inside us that they will be good for us…because we as humans do not tend to be ultra good with the concept and notion of change. But change we must and the Universe around us as well as Nature shows us constant change and fluidity in its own cycles which all help to create the whole.

People asked us and still do if we made the right move, if we miss anything about our old life and some say we were brave. We don’t feel brave actually, it was such a ‘had to do’ thing from within our very core that we simply acquiesced to that pull. It would have been like trying to resist an incredibly strong magnet! The call to solitude in order to become our Soul desire, outweighed our comfortable familiarity of living close to family. And we are fortunate in today’s world for distance to be less of an issue in terms of contact.

Here there is very little population in a vast landscape of space and beauty. There is peace, both outer and inner. There is a resonance of spiritual identity with those who surround us here.  And there is solitude, quietude and time to focus on the matters of the Divine. That does not mean that we are blasé or indifferent to the matters of the world. In fact quite the opposite is true. For when we as humans have enough time and space and quietude to truly embed in the Divine first and foremost; we are also enabled to be good listeners, and compassionate with the state of the world, people’s individual problems and larger issues such as on-going environmental damage and the constancy of war in our world. Far from being removed from the world, we are able to enter it with far greater understanding and depth of care than when we were surrounded by the constant babble and urgency that comes from living in crowded environments. And wisdom, when given room to expand and grow becomes a strong solid base from which to operate. To have the space and time to reflect upon and engage with the Divine embeds the realisation that we, as the human race, are all indeed one, and from this comes a broader perspective from which to view the often narrow concerns that engage individuals. Much misguided and/or mistaken thinking and fear lays at the root of all issues of the human condition, and if not addressed within the individuals, leads to national and international aggression and war. Diplomacy if truthfully engaged in, can solve issues that bombs and bullets cannot. Yet most humans today find themselves too busy to attend to their inner life, as they struggle with mortgage payments, feeding the children, keeping their jobs and a myriad of other pressures piled upon them by what is essentially, an out of balance world, environment and economy. Finding time and space to think is a big enough challenge, let alone time and space to focus on the quiet voice within. It tends to get lost in the whole clamour of other voices demanding to be instantly satiated and pacified in order to simply survive…It is an irony perhaps that in seeking to listen to that quiet inner voice before all others, life would ease because that is the one that smooths the path of life and is the best guide one can ever have.

Here in the Highlands, for us; as in monasteries around the world, the focus is on listening that inner voice, on attending and praising the Divine within, first and foremost. By getting our priorities right it ensures that in first seeking the treasures of the kingdom of heaven, the rest comes to us and sorts itself out too.  Takes trust. But it does work. And it makes for a really peaceful, joyous and beautiful life.




Postscript: 13 Sep. I have now amended my page layout to what it was before. Unfortunately some with slight dyslexia found the layout too busy and confusing, so bearing that in mind, we are back to the original!! Perhaps I will simply set up a new blog for the photography…if I do, I will put a link on this site. Stephanie

Here is me…overlooking Isle Martin.

Steph at Ardmair

Bonar Bridge where we have picnics.

Bonar Bridge

The glorious Ullapool, Gateway to the Hebrides by ferry.

Ullapool, Highlands, Scotland

Ullapool, Highlands, Scotland