The Breathing Trees of London: 2012

The Earth, our beautiful planet also breathes…is part of the Universal Eternal breath…

We all know by now that the trees especially the Amazonian forests and others that span our globe are now called the lungs of our planet. One art exhibition that took place in London, UK  in Russell Square, Camden in August 2012 attempted to display this and the video below shows this, The Breathing Trees. It is actually quite relaxing! Designed by Creatmosphere, Breathing Trees is a synchronised display of light and sound which took place for five nights in the run up to the opening of the London Olympics.

“Breathing Trees [was] a celebration of the importance of trees in the capital and for two hours each evening, the trees [became] anthropomorphic lungs of the city rising and falling to the sound of a beating heart,” said the studio. In addition, timber structures had been placed at the foot of the trees to provide a resting place to look up at the display from below.


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