The Name of God Is The Sound of Our Breathing

The last post which I reblogged really got to me instantly and deeply, that sentence was like a sword piercing through my heart of consciousness and I intend to expand on this over the next few posts and am allowing some great thinkers from various traditions to share with us their own knowledge of the very Breath of the Eternal, which as you will see,  Rabbi Waskow says offers a profound metaphor and theology of God.

The Infinite Breathes Me.

Breath 3

For me that single sentence encapsulates the All, of which we are a part, a part that cannot be separated from nor distinguished from the flowing amorphous wholeness of the I Am. Like wispy smoke billowing becoming once again at one with the air with which it merges, frailness and enormity merging, blending, and indistinguishable from the All. When we pray we consciously and actively choose to  join with the one breath and breathe with it. We breathe through it and it breathes through us.

Breathing in… and out… aware, fully conscious of Itself, deliberate full metamorphosis with each in breath and out breath. The place where all begins and ends, the place of no beginning and no ending, where all is contained within the Infinite, the Eternal Circle, pictured in the Celtic animal and circle whose head devours its own tail in a never-ending dance of eternal being.

Celtic circle

All concepts of my own separation that I may hold are false, incomplete-real to me only when I am unaware of the breath…the Eternal breathing…in…and out…forever holding me as you…Us…the I AM. For my beginning was within God and thus I have no ending, for that is where I continue to abide eternally. My physical is an extension of that which abides eternally within total serenity and peace, within the heart of God.  I am the eternal dance, the circle with no start or finish, the Alpha, the Omega…all that is. I am the breath of the Creator, drawn in and expelled at one and the same time, in a time with no time. A time that is not of this world, nor even universe, nor existence as we perceive it. For this world, this universe, even this existence is contained within…the Breath.

Human Divine Template

And then I found this video on YouTube…

The next post explores this further from a Jewish perspective.


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  1. this is beautiful and (literally) inspiring! Thank you! tomas ☼

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