A Celtic Blessing

I send you a beautiful Celtic blessing and lullaby from the Highlands of Scotland. Hoping it brings peace to your hearts in these tense times.




2 thoughts on “A Celtic Blessing

  1. lotty burn says:

    Thank you Stephanie for the Celtic Blessing. It was very beautiful, and I was very moved by it and tingling all over. Thank you for your blessings and your wishes for peace. It is a true remembrance and needed in these times. I feel a calling for peace in my own heart. Things are being looked at and reflected upon, and moved through, and heard within and without. The tolling bell, in my eyes, has been given a roll or role reversal, and the tolling bell is one for peace, not war. I really feel the momentum has shifted in the last few days, and the waves are definitely rising up to meet us. The call to speak truth, the call to find justice, the call to be free in our minds, bodies and souls. and walking upon this planet. The movement and transferral of Nelson Mandela back to his home really moved me/ along with the Martin Luther king speeches. The symbolism within and without is a really potent reminder of where we are as individuals, people and nations. Every person is really coming to see the “point” or “viewpoint” of this creation we call life. I love you.

    Goodnight. xxxx


    • Thanks dearest Lotty, we go back a long time… and your comment means a lot to me. Let us continue to pray for peace, joy and enlightenment, that we may see more clearly and live with the sacred in all that we do and say. Our world needs us to recognise ourselves in each others faces. For then war and/or atrocity is unthinkable.

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