The Pilgrim Returns

Firstly a big welcome to my new followers who have signed up since I have been away from my blog, I hope you will all find bits and pieces within this blog that you enjoy, stimulate and comfort you. Thanks also to the regulars and newcomers who comment and I do appreciate it when people do! There is a wealth of posts in the archives, and hopefully you will all find something in there that appeals and/or sparks your own thoughts and writings.

Its oh so nice to go travelling…but it is so much better to come home! I suspect many of you will know this sentiment, especially those of you who have managed to get to live where you know beyond all doubt that you truly belong.

I have recently been travelling; to spend time with family and friends and have also had family here in our beloved Highlands of Scotland at the beginning and end of those travels. The journey was unplanned and as is often the case, so much the better for that. Spontaneous allows for the conscious mind to get out of the way; and the process when “going with the flow” is richer, deeper and experiential. So I threw any notions of directing any of it away, and simply allowed it to unfold as it wished. It will take me weeks and months to “unpack” the treasures of these weeks and the feelings and observations of them too, so for now I am just going to say hello with this post and leave you with a few photographs I took. I made two visits to old favourites of mine, Norwich Cathedral and Ely Cathedral and these pictures are from those visits. Finally I photographed both thoroughly and properly. A little of what inspires me follows… Firstly Norwich Cathedral which is my ‘birthplace’ Cathedral, and very close to St Mother Julian’s Church and cell, also in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. How fortunate I was to grow up around this beautiful old medieval city. I think if you click on the pictures, the description tag I have written tells you what you are seeing in a bit more detail…hopefully anyway!  Blessings-Stephanie.

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral Ceiling

Norwich Cathedral High Altar

Norwich Cathedral Font

Norwich Cathedral Cloisters

Norwich Cloisters Quadrangle

And now Ely Cathedral…”Ship of the Fens”, in Cambridgeshire, UK, a neighbouring County to Norfolk. Many of my mother’s father’s ancestors were born, lived and died in this area, seeing, knowing and participating in this great Cathedral.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral Ceiling

Ely Cathedral with Octagon Tower

Detail of painting in Octagon Tower Ely Cathedral

Looking through to the High Altar and East Window

High Altar and St Ethelredas shrine Ely Cathedral

Bisho Alnwicks Chantry Chapel

The Lady Chapel

The Cross, Ely Cathedral


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