Tibetan Gytuo Monks: Engine Room Of The World?

I saw an article today in a newspaper referring to a record deal that has just been signed between the Tibetan Gytuo Monks and Decca Records. Visitors to the Glastonbury Festival, UK,  this year will get a real treat as they are performing there. What I found most interesting though was a comment made by the record label that: ” Their voices are commanding and powerful. When they sing they put every fibre of themselves into to it. They believe that just by listening to these special tones you can actually come closer towards enlightenment. To me they seemed like they were in the engine room of the world, diligently turning these huge invisible karmic wheels with their voices and mantras.’” The Gyuto Monks, whose oldest member Lobsang Tsering, 78, was among 80 monks who fled Tibet with the Dalai Lama in the wake of the 1959 upheaval, is based in Dharamsala in northern India, home of the Tibetan spiritual leader.

Gytuo Monks

What instantly sprung to mind was when my husband and I and a friend a few years back went to see His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama in Edinburgh. As we sat in the auditorium waiting, the monks began chanting in the background. Their chanting went on for about an hour before His Holiness  came on stage, and during this time, the energy levels of the theater rose higher and higher, one could feel the hairs on one’s arms and necks literally standing up on end. One could feel the heartbeat slowing to a steady rhythm, the eager, excitable racehorse mind settling, and the whole body and mind systems becoming finely tuned like a musical instrument. Some people we knew who were sitting near us, could obviously not stand these incredibly high energies and actually had to get up and leave…and we saw rather a few do that! For those of us who were left, the Dali Lama sharing his presence and thoughts was an event none of us will ever forget. My own impressions were that with the general energy levels raised vastly higher, it was a more comfortable place for His Holiness to be able to sit and talk for a couple of hours!…

Yes I do believe that these monks, as well as monks/nuns and religious of various traditions around the world are indeed the engine room, that keeps the balance on our behalf. I do endorse that it is the regular committed praying of the hours, the chants of prayer, the constant prayers being offered up on behalf of all, that maintain the relationship, the checks and balances of spiritual physical bonds. I feel it is like a rope, all the various individual fibres become woven into a strong cohesive one-ness whose strength is contained within its whole. As we join with them, our spiritual bonds link with theirs and the rope becomes stronger. It can become so strong that it becomes a rope bridge, a threshold where heaven can indeed touch earth and imbue it with refined transformative light.

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  1. When the Dalai Lama came here, I heard the other speakers who shared the stage with him, but every time he stood up to speak my mind just went into a void, or an altered state, and I never heard a word he said !!!

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