The things we do.

Powerful poem, and one which reminds of us of a brave loving woman Rachel Corrie and all others like herself who stand, in love, from the heart. As John says- for the future of humanity and peace- “some scars are deep and painful…We must forgive and move on.” And that means every single one of us.



(War is a sin my friend.   John Denver.)

The Things we do?

I’m far from a Angel.
I believe some deeds in life
can’t be forgotten.

A beautiful girl Rachel Corrie.
She stood in front of homes and clinics.  A life shield for people far away.
Protecting strangers homes with her life.
She was killed.
How can we forgive Israel for killing an unarmed woman?

Sitting with a Soldier on the Iraq border.
First Sergeant asked me to sit and talk.
He handed me a letter.
Old First Sergeant eyes were full of tears.
Asked me to read it?
His wife wrote.
Your stuff is in storage.
New man moved in.
Don’t come home.
He told me.
“I will kill them both if I could.”
I sat in silence.
I thank the lord of life and death.
We are 7,000  miles away.

Been gone on  President Clinton field…

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