Change We Must

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Coming from within  deep mystical contemplation which has embedded to the core of my knowing and being; that we are all one and that there is no thing that is not of God, embraced by God’s Love. Each day, Every second, by our extension of this Divine Love within us, which is indeed the Divine Consciousness operating we are given the opportunities to be the change we want to see…to bring peace to this world, to bring the kingdom of heaven down to the world we inhabit…to ground it…to become living aware, fully conscious children of God right here, right now…

Coming through vision
coming through wisdom
coming together is love
giving me daytime
giving this nightime
bringing within me, this love

The mystics, hermits, visionaries, locked within their cells and their deserts-how misunderstood our experiences are! Below is a video which embodies and portrays the experience of mystical vision, the state of approaching union where we belong to all and all is us. The only way I can explain union is that it simply is. But approaching union this is the experience…there is no separation here in this pre-ultimate zone, all is one. Here in this state we enter, we are the sea, we are the sand, we are the sky, we are the air we breathe and the ground we walk on, the breeze that flows across our face, we are all life, the leopard, the sea shell, the fish, all planets…this is what we experience, this is what it is like. Just wanted to share it with you. Turn it up loud and float awhile in my world…and you will see that nothing imprisons or contains us, no walls exist…we are simply at One with all that is. This is what we bring back with us to share with all of you…an attempt to convey the vastness of the love that is who we are also part of. Let Go of Fear…Love. x

 I’m talking to the sea
I’m singing to the stars
change we must
to live again
coming to the earth to the moon
I’m singing on the sky to the earth
change we must, change we must
live again.