Where Do You Write?

A few months back I saw a blogger asking people to send photos in of where they write their blogs and general writing of books and similar. I just came across these photos and thought it would be nice for you see and maybe share with us all  photos of where you write…are you tidy or not? So here is my work station…and our cat Alfie [whose help I obviously could not do without!] who decided to move in with us about 2 months ago. He seems to find my printer very fascinating when the paper is coming out…

Printer is making a noise

Theres paper coming out from in here

As you can see, I tend to work with books and papers piled up all around me. Here are some general photos of the area where I live in the Scottish Highlands. Much inspiration is gained from the landscape around me, which is a constant. My monastery without walls. Like the Celtic monks before me, I stand in awe and praise of such magnificence and see God’s hand everywhere I look. The landscape seems to match my Soul, it is immense enough for me to soar without ever reaching any restraints or barriers…and within and without my fragility and perceived identity is shattered splintering as glass, each shard reflecting a hundred more rainbows of light to explore, to discover, all of them whose origins and name is the One God. There is nothing I see, hear, smell or feel that is not of God. No matter how deeply I breathe in here, I can never breathe it in deeply enough…my eyes can never see quite far enough, my ears can never quite catch each of the tiniest sounds of Creation praising God here…here, I am constantly in my Church, the church of the natural landscape, joined with all creation, present, past and future just as the Celtic Christians such as Saint Columba and the monks of Iona before me, issuing forth the free and heartfelt response which is prayer and praise of all life for the living God.

I like this expression of Merton’s, ” Make ready for the face that speaks like lightning, uttering the new name of your exultation deep in the vitals of your soul. Make ready for the Christ, whose smile, like lightning, sets free the song of everlasting glory that now sleeps, in your paper flesh, like dynamite.”

tPortmahomack 15.01.2013 005



015 (2)

Portmahomack 15.01.2013 006

Nigg Cromarty Ferry

Bonar Bridge 6 Oct

Cormorant drying wings after fishing

Swans on Loch Eye, Highlands, Scotland