The Many Levels of Love

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Teachings Of Masters

Those wondering how they could ever live with zero tolerance
for all discord and disharmony need only realize that people are naturally
tolerant with those they love. The good mother tolerates all the little
problems her beloved infant brings into each day. The loving wife tolerates the
faults and actions of her husband. A true friend tolerates another friend’s
foibles and even rough words. If we learn to love, we automatically learn to
have perfect tolerance for those we love. The ancient Tirukural reminds us,
“When friends do things that hurt you, attribute it to unawareness or to
the privileges of friendship” (805).
Love comes in many forms. There is physical love, magnetic
attraction. This is dualistic love, because if the other person responds, you
feel very good, and if he does not respond, you don’t like him. That is not the
kind of love that is all encompassing. It…

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