Sacred Monotony, the Season after Pentecost

Beautiful post here, resting in God is what we mystics do best I think…

Interrupting the Silence

“Let me check my calendar and I’ll get back with you.” Coordinating calendars has become a regular routine for many, perhaps most, of us. We are scheduled people, busy people. Computers and phones buzz, beep, or ring reminding us of our schedule. They send texts and e-mails telling us where to go, when to be there, and what to do. For the most part things run fairly smoothly. We keep our appointments. We show up on time. Tasks are completed and crossed off the list.

Our schedules may be organized but what about our lives? What about that scattered, chaotic, restless feeling that comes from deep inside of us? No matter how well we stick to our schedule or how many tasks we accomplish, we often feel that there is or should be something more. In that moment the calendar is no longer an organized schedule but documentation of how crazy…

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