Pilgrimage: Walsingham Anglican Shrine Gardens

After a wonderful meal at the Norfolk Riddle, and the best crème Brule I have ever eaten the previous evening and a long sleep, this final morning I want to see if I can catch up with my fellow pilgrims and see how they are getting on, especially the priest leading one of the groups I met on the first evening. We keep bumping into each other everywhere I go, and they are following very different timetables to me so it is getting a bit strange! I make for the Pilgrim Refectory, a spacious airy building with a lovely café, here I am assured of a steaming hot coffee and wonderful cake! Sure enough many of the pilgrims I met are gathered together and wave me over to join them, big smiles on their faces. The group gradually drifts away except for two ladies and their priest. For two hours some serious discussions take place and my work, my past, my hopes and my fears are laid out bare for examination. One of the major heart breaks of being mystical is that you never quite ‘belong’ communally in the way that most church members have the security of. There is always the ‘lone wolf’ syndrome, a desperate longing and wanting to join in but too much a  ‘wild card’ for the church priests to quite know what to do with you. The higher ranks of Church, regardless of denomination, or within monastic communities [who also consider themselves on the edge and fringes!] you have contact with, the problem fades to nothing, and acceptance and understanding is there, but not in the daily, local, nitty-gritty where most of us want to blend in and share. So it can be very very lonely. The story of that encounter is detailed more in a post I wrote after returning, to be found in May archive. This encounter gave me a great gift, and it is the gift that Our Lady of Walsingham bestowed on me. It gave me the courage to write this blog, and since then, this year I have published two books as well. I was gifted  the courage and grace to speak. This priest accepted my request to become my spiritual director, he understood and knew the Cosmic Christ.

Without commenting any further, here are the final photos of the gardens within the centre, they speak for themselves.



Altar of the Mystery of Light








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  1. Love your photos! It’s too long since I was last in Walsingham. It’s such a special place.

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