Dornoch Cathedral

As some of you know I am fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, I was not born here; I was born down in England but my husband and I adopted Scotland as our chosen home nearly 12 years ago.

Near to where we live is a small town called Dornoch, which has a beautiful small cathedral, [which is almost a double of the one found in Orkney which is called St Magnus.]  It was built in the 13th century, in the reign of King Alexander II (1214-49). Today I was out, combining two great passions of mine, photography and stained glass, and I thought you may like to see just a few of the 56 photos I took of this stunning little cathedral with its wealth of stained glass. Dornoch Cathedral has a lady vicar, who is also a chaplain to HM Queen Elizabeth 11.  Her name is Rev Susan Brown, and she officiated at the wedding of Madonna and Guy Ritchie at nearby Skibo Castle in December 2000.  The town is also famous for the Royal Dornoch Golf course. I hope you enjoy the photos. On such a day as this in our world, when war seems dangerously close and rhetoric and threats escalate, I for one need to balance with a sense of things which have survived for hundreds of years through troubles of all kinds, and to just stop and gaze at the beauty mankind is capable of, reminding myself of our higher aspirations and penchant for creation and inspiration when we place our faith in God.

Dornoch Cathedral

Dornoch cathedral 7

Stained Glass 4

Stained Glass 10

Stained Glass 12

Stained Glass 22

Stained Glass 19

Stained Glass 26

Stained Glass Entrance 2

Stained Glass Entrance 1

Stained Glass 28

Stained Glass 27

Dornoch Cathedral and Castle

Photographs Copyright Stephanie 2013.


5 thoughts on “Dornoch Cathedral

  1. Yes, that is so right. Such love and it shows how very important they were to people. Oh I am guilty of envy by the way…ha ha…York! Lucky lucky you!

    • I’ll have my camera on me. They’re currently restoring a lot of the stained glass so there are pieces down on light boxes at ground level so you can really see the detail in the work. It’s fantastic.

  2. I do find stained glass quite awesome, I have around 300 photos of the interior of Gloucester Cathedral as well. Thinking I may actually focus in on stained glass as my ‘thing’. I find it really boosts my wish to be still and contemplate on the beauty in Creation. Its the whole “light” and space thing about cathedrals especially that really impact on me.

    • At the end of the month I’m going to be staying with our Sisters at York Minster, so I’ll be able to enjoy the windows there.

      The original idea of the windows was to create impact and to give people images which represent the Bible stories as a focus for prayer or an inspiration to keep on with the faith. I love how there are places where windows got smashed because of the reformation, or WWII or something, and people collected up the bits and put the windows back. Even though they couldn’t fit the pieces back together to re-create the original image, the fact that they cared enough to keep the original glass from the image speaks volumes.

  3. Those windows are just WOW. We don’t have much stained glass here at the Priory, and in seeing your photos I realised that I kind of miss it.

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