Resurrection: Goucester Cathedral, England




I took these photographs on a visit to Gloucester Cathedral in 2012. I visited because I was following two loves, one being family history, the other medieval religious history and pilgrimage. One of my direct ancestors was the founder of Gloucester Cathedral, another founded Whitby Abbey and as I began to delve further into my research found that actually many monasteries and convents and a few cathedrals, both here in the UK and in France were founded by my ancestors, several retired to them, many of whom are buried there in them. I am aware when I research and write and visit these places of these men and women, related to me, who walked before me. And it feels in my own work that I carry the traditions on, forwards linking us all.


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  1. I would love to know more about your family history, it sounds fascinating… have you written a post about it, so that I can catch up????

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