Leading By Example: The Orthodox Offer In Cyprus

Referring again to Pope Francis 1st and his statement that he wishes the Church to be poor, an amazing example has today come forth from the Cypriot Orthodox Church, the likes of which we have never seen before in our times. Perhaps given the times we live in we are at last beginning to see the true meaning of the Christain message shining through, and coming from the top.

Although this financial situation is playing out on the stage of Cyprus, the issues spread much wider around our globe, and have implications for those in many nations including those who are well outside Europe. I see from Internet discussions that the situation concerns many American citizens worried of what precedents may have been unleashed in the actions of the past few days!

So it is with surprise and pleasure that I report the offer made by the Orthodox Church today and if you follow the link there is more detail:

Cypriot religious leaders have stepped forward to attempt to alleviate the crisis. After meeting the country’s president this morning, Archbishop Chrysostomos said the Orthodox church was willing to mortgage its assets to invest in government bonds.
The orthodox church owns a hefty stake in the country’s third largest bank, as well as property and even a brewery.
“The entire wealth of the Church is at the disposal of the country…so we can stand on our own two feet and not those of foreigners”, he declared.
Last week Archbishop Chrysostomos criticised “Europeans’ meanness” and said he would prefer the cash-strapped country abandons the euro as its currency rather than accept a bailout deal setting the economy back decades.
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