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A Small Story…


I remember when my uncle Suresh planted that tree,

I must have been about five years old.

He took my fat child hand in his big wide one and

 walked me to the fields where an ancient-ruined

shrine to the gods stood in a sea of green rice plants.

“Here, Sunil,” he said, “Here we plant this tree sacred

to all Indian people.”


Five years later, the banyan tree stood several feet over my head,

many arial roots already touched the ground. It was a hot day –

I remember it was the day our well ran dry.

We stood looking at the tree and my uncle said,

“See Sunil, see how quickly this tree grows. Here is a place you and all the

villagers will come to pour out your troubles. Here you will laugh, cry and reflect –

protected from the hot sun by the…

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