David and Goliath: Lady In Red

“In her red cotton summer dress, necklace and white bag slung over her shoulder she might have been floating across the lawn at a garden party; but before her crouches a masked policeman firing teargas spray that sends her long hair billowing upwards.”

A woman dressed in a red summer dress, with a white handbag slung across her shoulder meets the NWO police, dressed alike, armed the same…regardless of which country they originate in. We see them in our streets around the globe every day…

She is such a threat to them isn’t she, so armed to defend herself or threaten them obviously…

She is viciously sprayed directly with tear gas with such a force  that her hand stands on end.

She is an environmental protestor, a small David, against a fully armed trained Goliath funded and ordered by the state.

Lady in Red 1

Lady in Red 2

I shall never meet you Lady In Red, and we don’t even speak the same language- I salute you.