Following On: Dancing The Dance

As I was writing my last post, the words came to me “For I am the Lord of the Dance, said he, and I’ll lead you all wherever you may be”.  And I remembered.

Throughout all my posts I try to give you some flavour of how I experience Christ, what God is for me personally, how we meet in those spaces in between time or dimension, beyond physical reality yet within a created space held within them for a fraction…with God’s grace. How to desribe in words what my mystical experience is like, I can’t in truth but maybe I can show you….

This is the video I have just been led to and everything touched everything else across the Universes and collided as I watched; stunned to see a close visual expression of what it feels like, what it felt like as a child when I regularly met Christ in vision, how the soul soars and blends and explodes in this dance of joyous energies and revelation. This is possibly the nearest I will ever get to showing you the absolute joy, the absolute freedom, the absolute celebration that Christ takes in you. It is ecstacy, at soul level in realms of pure loving Creation, real Magnificent Power and this encounter is why we mystics often call Christ our Beloved. Every sense is awakened and soars to the supreme heights of ineffable relaisation and joy, woven with personal interaction. We are Loved by our Beloved.

As you watch the lights, the romance, the connection, the soaring and intertwining of this video, this is the nearest I can get to showing you. This is why mystics often describe it as being “taken up”. Some of you will know what it is, some will not have had this experience. But this is my Christ and my Soul. Beyond words, beyond senses, beyond doctrine, beyond religion. And there is no structure or ideology or concept that can contain its vastness or freedom. It breaks open all the prison doors and melts all the prison bars. It is the showing of the truth of our Creation, what we are, why we were created, and by whom.

May I suggest you watch this several times to really absorb its terrifying powerful fragility and message? And for me, I like to blast the sound right up so it overwhelms the senses too, because that is what the mystical feels like, this is how it looks…to me.


One thought on “Following On: Dancing The Dance

  1. julienmatei says:

    “Beyond words, beyond senses, beyond doctrine, beyond religion.”

    Those innefable moments with no name…when you know you know, and feel that you are “known”.

    If humans knew they are just ONE SECOND AWAY from real Life…

    Yes, the uncreated Joy is our abode. The soul knows this, yet, I too, forget this many times…and indulge in sadness and yearning

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