Let Go And Swim With The Flow

Moving from belief to faith, and knowing the difference between the two. Vitally important distinctions here and ones that encourage us to move beyond the things that may have served only to restrict and confine us to a received way of thinking and mindset.  Once we free ourselves to open to possibility and take down our self imposed barriers that we have erected, we are able to experience the wonder and flow of the Universe and to know its ever supportive embrace of us. So I think in this short film, Alan Watts details the barriers we may have errected between us and our knowing of God in an intimate way,the experience of which grows in diret correlation to what we let go of in the way of false perception.
This concept is also explored in the film Prometheus, where those who have belief have those beliefs destroyed in the light of the emerging evidence, but the one girl, Elizabeth who has faith, even though it is seriously challenged within the film by unfolding events, retains it. Faith as expressed through her wanting to know the truth regardless of how that turns out to be different to what she thought it was, sustains her through the challenges.At the end of the movie, Elizabeth puts the cross back around her neck, signifying that she did not lose faith and that her quest for truth is now a spiritual one. I also heard it said by a prominent leader, that ‘faith is what you die for, belief is what you kill for’.