Regular readers of this blog will know what a favourite Llewellyn Vaughan Lee is of mine. So I have no hesitation in re-blogging this, a wonderful audio presentation on Spiritual Responsibility in these times of global crisis. It is 58 minutes long and well worth listening to when you have time to really absorb it. Stephanie. x

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November 2003: Recorded at the National Cathedral School, Washington, DC

Spiritual energy is needed for global transformation. Spiritual traditions and their practices give us access to this energy, but we need to learn how to work with it for the sake of the whole. When different spiritual traditions come together for the sake of the whole, we open a doorway to the energy and power of oneness and help to align it with the need of the time. This talk explores the theme of spiritual responsibility at a time of global crisis — how we can work together for the sake of the One, bringing the presence of the divine into the world.


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