Thomas Merton: What Is Contemplation?

Beautifully expressed. It is as if in contemplation we are both the question and the answer. In that sentence there is the notion of the never-ending circle, the echo and the reality of eternity, no beginning and no end. I may be  exploring Thomas Merton more deeply for a while now as I move into my posts of 2013; he seems to be top of my list and for new followers, there are also a few posts detailing the work of Father Thomas Keating, another trappist monk and great favourite of mine to be found in the archives which you may enjoy too speaking about his contemplative centering prayer.


One thought on “Thomas Merton: What Is Contemplation?

  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    I love Thomas Merton. This is a beautiful contemplation on contemplation. I found his focus on death to be interesting. His ideas connect with some of the deepest wisdoms of the Islamic/Sufi tradition. With your permission, I’d like to share this on my own blog.

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