My Christmas Prayer For You: Love

Just as the sun burns off the mist, revealing the landscape that always abided, yet was hidden from sight, in its glorious detail; so the indwelling Holy Spirit, and Eternal Son residing within your mortal being, constantly shine, reflecting the Father’s Infinite Eternal Love to you and upon you, dispelling slowly the mists of resistance and false belief that shroud your spiritual awareness and growing spiritual maturity. Thus then you shall see the Glory of the Father and know His destiny for you, that He lovingly and knowingly created you to be.

As this Christmas season approaches, may you be blessed with the gift of the birth of your own knowing and recognise your own individual ancient naming as a Beloved child of your Holy Father; and may you feel the full force of His Love that created, sustains and nurtures you, in and through Infinite Eternity, and feel His destiny for you; to know Him, meet Him and abide forever within His Infinite Love. Thus will you know your true home, the destination of your journey and the mists shrouding your sight will be lifted, for you to see Him face to face.