December Depths

I have always loved the winter season and December especially. It is my favourite month. As Nature draws back its life-force into itself, the desire and longing builds within me to follow its natural rhythms and go ever deeper within myself too. Balance and rhythm with Natures seasons is so important. With our electricity, wireless this that and the other technology, false lighting 24 hour world there is every temptation to step outside our natural rhythms, yet it is these very rhythms, these waves of the Earth’s own energy and patterns that keep us healthy and sane. We are children of both the Divine Father and the Mother Earth from whom, our very bodies were gifted….I always find it is this time, this deep inner time of December when creation takes place; when the sparks of Divine inspiration illuminate and spring from its deep, velvet, silky smooth darkness; and provide the map of what will emerge of me in the Spring to burst out in physical shape over the following year. And so, in reflection, allowing myself to taste the flavour and gifts of darkness, the seed is sown, the birth is promised of what is to come. With me, it takes the form of colours and shapes, words and glimpses of horizons far above that I am invited to stretch to; to experience the following year and share of myself with the rest of creation. Just as the Christ is born, so this season brings forth the birth of promise, and hope, the birth of the new and the revisiting of the Soul Home, cradled in the arms of our Mother Earth and watched over by our Divine Father, with eyes of infinite Love and compassion, witnessed by the angels and archangels, singing praises of our potential, the gift our Divine Father gave each of us upon our creation.

I love the intimacy of December, my most abundant creative seeding time. As I watch snowflakes cascade to the earth without a concern for their destiny, I feel rushes of joy within my heart, and an inner warmth when surrounded by family, friends and give thanks for the roof over my head and the food in my home. I reach out spiritually in my prayers to my human brothers and sisters around our beautiful globe who I know are not so fortunate; whose lives are troubled at the moment, financially, emotionally and spiritually. This time of year can be very hard for the grieving, the hungry, the poor and the homeless. It can be hard if you live under a bridge and a cardboard box to stomach the reckless consumption at this time, going on all around you; hard to stomach your apparent invisibility, as people rush on by. I would not be so happy to see snowflakes if they made my cardboard box soggy and not fit for purpose as my shelter anymore. It is a barren hard landscape when one has lost hope.

Here in the UK, 1000 families have lost their homes every week since the recession of 2009. Significant numbers for what is essentially a small country. Each loss tells its own heartbreaking story, and each loss has ached in the hearts of those affected. Many tragedies have occurred, when ordinary people just like you and I have found these challenges too much to cope with, too dreadful and have taken their own lives, leaving grieving families behind to wake another morning and walk another day, without their loved ones. These real situations offer us all opportunities to stop for just a while in our busy busy lives and reflect on what we have to be grateful for; and what we may do to ease the suffering of our fellow human beings.

There is spiritual poverty too, as well as a physical one and this one gives a haunted reality to those who may appear to have so much materially. Spiritual poverty; the absence of that warm connection with the Divine is insidious, creating a gnawing hunger that unlike a physical hunger cannot be ultimately satiated by anything other than the reestablishing of deep and meaningful connection and ghosts and shadows of previously present lives. But each one of us can help illuminate the shadow of this hunger as much as we may donate a hot drink, a meal or provide shelter. The spiritual shelter offered can be a smile, a caring conversation, a loving hug, a steadfastness that magnetically attracts the lost one to look again and see through us, that ever-present Divine Love and Light shining through our human being, yearning aching for this lost Soul to return home to its warm, comforting and sustaining Presence. Let us be the channel of that Divine invitation, God reaching out always to His Beloved Creation.

Let us not cross the street, pass on by with our heads averted. Let us not be so absorbed with our material busyness that we fail to see the visible as well as the invisible of this season. Let us never forget to give thanks in the morning for our waking, in the day for our food, water and shelter, at all times for our shelter and our sanctuary in our Divine home embraced by God, for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, for the opportunities we are given each day to shine the Divine through our thoughts and words and deeds, our Love, our Compassion to all others, stranger and friend alike. Let us never forget to give thanks for our families and friends, whatever health we are blessed with that is as it should be; whatever resources we have, however small they may be; the opportunities this day has put before us; and then let us sleep soundly and untroubled, knowing that again on this day we have given the all of our Love to the all through our Love. And that is all that is asked of us in return for this infinitely precious gift of Life.