Be Still. For it is only within the Silence of the Beating Sacred Heart of our Creator that we have true life by attending the Presence of God. Attend this altar within you with care and respect, for you are a child of the Holiest, created, sustained and loved by God. Gloria, Lavs, Et Honor, Tibi Sit Rex Christe Redemptor. [Glory, Praise, and Honour to Thee, O King Christ, The Redeemer]. For newer followers, earlier posts may be found in archive section. This blog is best read from the beginning, each post does follow the one before. With Blessings, Stephanie.


Be Still and Know That I Am God:

Be Still.

I speak to You.

Be Still.

Know That I Am God.


These are the opening words of the evocative Prayer of Enoch. We start at the beginning-Be Still. It is an invitation to stop, to listen and to rest in the Infinite shelter of the Great Silence which is the homelands we came from before we were born and where we return to when we put down our earthly bodies. The monk or mystic within us all craves this silence, knowing it to be the food of our Soul and the source of our wellbeing. Yet whether we live in the enclosed spaces of a monastery or the monastery without walls, silence is the opportunity and challenge that we have to allow ourselves to achieve. Many in these days equate silence as an absence of noise and empty-a void-and they fear entering it because of its…

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