Another Day In Paradise

I am blogging a short extract of a previous post with a new embedded video which I feel beautifully illustrates the message contained within it. I am not sure why I feel urged to do this; perhaps the reasons will be clear to some of you or even just one of you. This is taken from the post The First Revelation. All previous posts can be accessed down the left hand side of the blog.


The heart is Love and the narrow pathway is Love. There is no other way to be received home than through the Love you have within you to all others and your sharing it outwardly is the measure by which you are known to Me. Love it was that created you, for the purpose and expansion of Love itself and in loving, Love is returned to you a thousandfold. In the end times it is your acts and thoughts of love with which you save or condemn your self, for you and you alone judge your self in these matters. Love has many mansions within it.

So fear not all of you who are hated and despised in this world that carry love in your hearts for all men; for yours is the inheritance of the kingdom and you shall be freed from your pain.

And I say unto you all of your times now: can it be right that some of your brothers and sisters have nowhere to sleep safely at night and some of you have mansions where many could sleep safely that lay empty? And is it right in your hearts that you can waste food whilst some have not enough food to sustain them? And can it be acceptable to you that your bombs and weapons mutilate and murder those whose physical bodies feel pain just as yours do? How can you think that it is acceptable to murder your brothers and sisters whom God created just as He created you? Do you think that you are above God? That you know better than God? For I tell you that God’s only knowing is Love for all His creation. These things that you do, sometimes even justifying it in His name, are not of Him, but of the misunderstandings you have created within your own hearts and that others have created on their behalf which you now believe to be true.

Can it be right that you plunder the Earths resources for profit? They are the resources that you have all been gifted freely-without charge-and yet you charge each other money for them? They were gifted to you all to share to sustain you all equally. How can you think it right that now some have so much and most-so few of these free gifts? Where is the gratitude in your hearts for the abundance that earth gives freely to support you in her great love for you? Ponder upon these things in your hearts, for no matter what family, country or religion you have been born into-these choices are yours and yours alone to make and Love is your tally and your record.