Parallel Universe: Your Parallel Lives

Here is one to watch for the weekend. As mystics we say that ‘we’ exist in all space and all time. That we are current in all matter, terrestrial and universal, we are in all things and never cease to be. It has recently been suggested by scientists that when we “die” we simply merge “back” into the very fabric of space which is the All of what we are. They further say that this “fabric” is consciousness itself. As mystics we would say that this consciousness is where we “reside” all the time; it is the place where “we” are at all times and in all spaces. It is, if you like, God. Our life ‘here and now’ is simply a representation of an infinitely small focused point of our infinitely magnificent and vast consciousness which remains our place of rest at all times.

And there are many small focused points of consciousness that we are focusing and exploring at any given “time”. Differing versions of ‘us exist’, at the same moment across the whole spectrum of infinite consciousness. So here is where the scientists are up to at the moment!


3 thoughts on “Parallel Universe: Your Parallel Lives

  1. Ha ha! Oh I love that…one wise novice guardian there…thanks for your comment and hope all continues well for you. Love reading your posts.

    • She’s a pretty smart cookie – in fact at times she’s so smart I struggle to keep up (and I wasn’t behind the door when the brains were handed out). All is going well and I do have a few more posts lined up, I just need to type them up!

  2. I’ve not watched the clip, but what you’ve said kind of reminds me of a discussion I’ve had with my Novice Guardian. The current Chaplain will occasionally say “the body of Christ keep you until eternal life” when distributing communion, and she is quite grieved by this and goes on to ask the rhetorical question of when does the chaplain think eternal life is going to start? And she also says that surely we’re already in eternal life and we want to be kept in it.

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