Lost Treasures of Tibet

For those not following the sister site to this:InspirationsRus; I am just letting you know that I have posted two posts on Tibet which are rather interesting. The first is a video of rare film footage taken in the 1930’s of the Dali Lama as a child and the ceremonies and lifestyle there before he had to flee. The Dali Lama and his sister-in-law both talk on this film.


And the second entitled The Lost Treasures of  Tibet is an amazing film covering the conservation of temples and artwork in Mustang, Nepal which used to be part of Tibet. Mustang (moo-stahn), one of the last outposts of Tibetan culture, is so isolated and protected that no Westerner set foot inside its borders for centuries. But in the early 1990s, this untouched society set high in the Himalayas opened its borders for the first time, exposing an ancient worlds dazzling sacred relics long damaged by the elements and neglect.

So if these interest you, please pop across to the other site via these links and have a good wander round. No more posts until next week to enable you to watch these videos and absorb! Stephanie

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