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It reminded me beautifully of an earlier post of my own, entitled Through Love, In Love, For Love’s Sake;  but with a beautiful short video that expresses it in a heartfelt way too. Recently I have read responses to other blogs which seem to raise some kind of a distinction between light and dark, love and fear, with some readers coming from the Course In Miracles perspective and others from alternative ‘paths’. There is no distinction except in understanding/perception/description. CIM does focus on the fact that only love exists and all that is real cannot harm you and all that is not real does not exist. It is in fact a very ‘quantum physics’ based book and well worth exploring if you have not already. But it says the same thing as countless other writings from countless other traditions. Only Love is Real. All else is Illusion [no matter how compelling]. Remember the Matrix.

I post a little of that  post here, see original for full reading…CLIP:

And so it is with life. It can be easy to get distracted and lose ones way and direction of travel in the middle section of our journey, the midpoint between where we came from and where we are headed, [without travelling anywhere]. But when we were created, our return to Love was guaranteed. Though we may feel that we travel far from its safe embrace, we always know where that home is and we know how to get there. In our individual experience of the in-between places of our journey, we have freedom to explore and express ourselves. Our return to One-ness is guaranteed and that is where the larger part of  ’us’ remains, abiding eternally within that peaceful state of God, whilst our physical form enables us to experience Loves expression of Itself.

Our hearts are vessels of and for Divine Love. It is the love that we share, the love that we express, and the love that we allow ourselves to receive during life which is the means by which we measure our life’s experience at forms ending. It is the love that creates our deepest warmest memories, it is what keeps track and records our ‘journey’. It is in our loving that we have the potential to express most perfectly who we are, where we came from and where we are going to. It is the means by which through receiving and extension we may bring heaven down to earth, allow ‘Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, and enable the Christ to enter us and merge with us; so that there is no ‘other’. It is the greatest law; the primary law and surpasses all others. It is the meaning of life and lifes answer to its own creation. It is the eternal echo between Creator and Creation.

Most of us have asked two questions of the Universe. “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?” These are the two questions that have been on the lips of mankind since he appeared in physical form. The answers are very simple. You came from and were created by Love, the Nature of God, and you are here to express and extend all of that Great Love you are, in the world of physical form at Love’s Bidding, By Loves Desire and for Loves Sake. In your Blessing of Life, of all Creation, you bestow the Divine Imprint of Love.

God Is Love. God only sees Love for only Love is real. All that is not real does not exist except in illusion. In the physical form you are free to choose what you experience and mirror outwards from yourself. Will the illusion of fear catch you out as you respond to something or someone? Choose again and turn your face towards Love. Keep turning towards Love, every time, in every situation;ask yourself: What would Love do in this situation, how would Love deal with this? No matter the power of your misperception and illusion, no matter how compelling it appears; [which is what we are actually doing when we ask for the Mercy from God: to right our wrong perceptions]; fear is not real. Only Love is Real. Nothing can destroy You, not even death. For you, the Real You not just the physical form that you call you; is Eternal and is Love Itself.

At 1 min48 a beautiful acquaintance of ours is featured, Daniel Waples playing his hang drum; Daniel is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as I post this. He and James travel round the globe, playing their music, earning pennies as they goe…beautifully free…beautifully in tune with themselves.

And here is an additional clip featuring Daniel and James playing in Goa. Best heard with the headphones on…then you get the real richness of the hangdrums. Can sound a bit tinny through computer otherwise.


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  1. I found you through Caimbeul and I am thankful for him and you. What an utterly wonderful and totally beautiful message, that is simple and yet profound. I LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing.

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    I woke up this morning to a gift from God. Stephanie Jill Rudd was following my blog. I am now following hers and this post is a must see. be sure to play the ‘drum video’ and take a trip into a little bit of forever.

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    perhaps WP should have a ‘Love’ button, we’ll pretend it does and that’s the one I clicked.

  4. very beautiful…
    play one of those hangdrums myself 😉

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