How Should We Be Present In This Moment In Time? Be Attentive

Here Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee speaks about the significance of this instant moment in time. He expresses here mystical knowing very clearly [as always], and within this knowledge is held the knowing of your eternal truth, your eternal being, your eternal knowing. This is the spiritual truth that allows you to step outside of the illusions that bind you to the illusory plane of existence and re-connect with your true spiritual being whilst still here in form, so that you may effectively carry out your spiritual and physical responsibility here and now to the World Soul of which we are a apart. For we ARE responsible for Creation and our observation of it and our reaction to it.   This is the truth which re-wakens you to be fully present and fully conscious and fully aware, in other words to master your self whilst here in the physical.

With the 24 hour world many now live in, the constant lighting that illuminates our nights, the disconnection of humans to their seasons, their own cycles of natural planetary and universal movement; humanity is becoming sick, and even mentally ill because of its dis-connection with its own natural rhythms. This dislocates the bridge between our physical and spiritual wholeness, and dislocates and diminishes our consciousness and our awareness.  We are walking around with our hands behind our backs as it were-blindfolded, chained, until we release ourselves from this. When you are able to do this, you do actually access and live in a completely different world to the one you now see around you and inhabit. Briefly to start with, then more and more. Until we are awake, we contribute to the problems, when fully wakened we can take full responsibility and play our part in the One-ness of All. We can be part of the sails that open to the wind….

At around 39 mins he speaks of something I too, know very deeply within. And my calling, like his;  is to waken others, to gently rouse them into waking…we need to be awake now. That is why I am here doing this blog; whilst many others following the mystical path within all traditions are in isolation “holding ” the energies on behalf of us all, some of us are out in the world waking people up at this amazing moment in time, as we had previously agreed to do.   This is why over the course of these posts I have drawn from many religions, from Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Druid, as well as the mystical traditions within those that sit above them and beyond them, which is the point in time and space where they all come together as One. Dogma, rules and doctrines do not exist at this level and this is the level we are all called to operate at now.

Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of Love: Rumi traditions


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  1. Awareness says:

    You have. Thank you, Stephanie.

  2. I have replied to you personally in email. Hope I clear things up in that for you.

  3. Awareness says:

    What do you suppose Vaughan-Lee means when he says near the end that he is not allowed to say too much about dark forces? Who would be stopping him?

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  5. Awareness says:

    For me, there is a naturally arising wish to help others realize the possibility of awakening. Like you, one way that manifests is through blogging. Nice post, and another great video by L V-L!
    ~ Paul

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