Where Two Seas Meet: Silence; The Living Heart.

Before All, above all, underneath all, and in the midst of all stories, there is the great Silence.

And so we have come full circle, through 114 posts to one of the very first posts:  


In further posts on this site we shall look at deepening this practise of this Great Silence. I rest again in the Great Silence, the place of our Belonging and Presence,  those homelands of my belonging. Posts on this blog from now on will likely be less frequent. In these 114 posts I have  shared a  framework of my experience of the mystical journey; hopefully dispelling a little of the mystery, myth and unknown; which is what I was asked by the Beloved to do. The Revelations and some of the writings I have been given over the years are there out in this wonderous global facility for all to access, no longer prevented by publishers interested only in commercial values.  In the process, I have enjoyed the sharing of what is essentially a solitary path; and I have enjoyed looking at my flag counter every day seeing who visited and what they wanted to read. I have enjoyed the comments and the challenge of trying to put what is beyond words into words of some limited kind! I have also greatly enjoyed reading other blogs and seeing the amazing variety of perspectives and paths that lead to the destination of One, all  filled with flavour, colour, texture and tone that is unique to that individual and it is humbling to see in practise just how vast our vastness is! We journey onwards together. Thankyou to all my followers, all my visitors, all those who have commented and all those whose blogs have inspired me. We are all part of the same great story.

The sea of our human experience and the sea of Divine Presence have a place where they meet. Where these two seas meet is where we experience the Divine Ocean of One-ness, being lost in Love, swept like the tide by the Divine’s Grace back to the One-ness.


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  1. thank you for this special and bountiful post, I hope that you continue,, with love and peace, Linda

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