A State of Divine Receptivity

Here, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee expresses perfectly my own experiencing of my relationship with the Divine Presence. For me; mystic experience takes the path of inviting and making the space for that stillness, that empty space within, that is then filled with the Presence. And that is my work-to constantly deepen and expand that emptiness within; in order to make myself as receptive as possible, at any given time. So it is my “work” as a mystic to release all that prevents that expansion; all that is of the smaller more distracted mind, to detach from all that comes into that smaller mind in terms of petty angers, likes, dislikes, and at the same time to absorb and observe all that the heightened Presence places instead before me. And then…yes there is more…to release even those notions, even those observations, in order to finally Be in the Presence. That Being is where our Homelands are, the ones we have never actually left.

Although describing what is his Sufi tradition; this also applies across the spectrum of traditions and we attempt to deepen and develop our ability to be constantly present, constantly aware, constantly listening. That is what we are doing, though “Being” is a more appropriate description. We are if you like, Being in the Divine Presence. For those of a Christian tradition, The Prayer of the Heart, detailed in previous posts is a similar path to that he mentions of St Theresa of Avila and several posts were dedicated to those who practise it and what we may learn from them.


I hope that you have gained an insight, especially in the last post of our Core. And for visitors coming to this blog, may I suggest that you may like to begin at the beginning:


and travel if you would like to-this whole path…because each step in this blog is a step in a journey and direction that builds and builds to the crescendo of this blog:


For those of us who have been here since the beginning, there are many posts here that we may like to revisit, perhaps we did not have the chance to watch that video, or really meditate on that post, or maybe we would like to revisit a post because now it means something else in the light of what we have discovered since we first read it. The blog is designed to be a dip in and out of reference as well as to be read from start to finish. It’s both/and! Your comments, even on revisiting earlier posts are always welcome at any time.

 From herein; our “work” is deepening, opening, releasing, and learning how to sit in that place of union. There is little left to add and as always the work on ourself lasts a lifetime, just embracing more and more our own bigger reality as our awareness and consciousness expands until we are able to say I AM.

Your own journey will be unique; different to anyone elses, your experiences will be unique because each aspect of the I AM is unique. There are many videos, words, pictures and different angles from which the heart of this blog is woven specifically.  Many traditions are covered, to contrast, compare, illuminate; yet all pointing in the one direction; that of there being One Divine Presence of which we are all a part and all joined with; and our various paths to that realisation are as unique as we are, specially designed for us if you will.


9 thoughts on “A State of Divine Receptivity

  1. Bob says:

    What a wonderful clip! His practice sounds a bit similar to Centering Prayer as outlined by Father Thomas Keating.

    Stephanie, thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide us all. This site is certainly a God-send.


    Bob (California USA)

    • Yes I find great simiarities. In fact that reminds me and I shall post one of my “drafts” that has been sitting a while in my blog. I love Keatings mischieviousness, he really appeals to me!

  2. Bob Holmes says:

    Hey Stephanie!
    Just popped over from Carl McColman’s blog. As a contemplative believer, I applaud your work and insight.
    Deep Peace and Blessing!

  3. That space is so rich. I think I may read some of his books too, I only came across him about a month ago, and am delighting in the way he calms, soothes and uplifts me.

  4. Awareness says:

    I love that video clip! It is my experience too that when the mind is quiet, or even if we simply disengage from thoughts that may be passing, then a space opens up for the appearance of what I call ‘our true nature’ (a term sometimes used in Zen), or what he calls ‘God’. I’ve read some of Llewellyn’s books, which are wonderful.

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