I’ve Come To Take You With Me

Following my posts over the last few days, and especially yesterdays post entitled Speak Your Truth I feel humbled to have had a private email from one of my dearly loved followers; responding to the above mentioned post. I have amongst “followers” on this blog, priests, nuns and theologians of all different religions following, as well as laypeople who privately hold belief/knowing that reaches beyond the ‘allowable’ and ‘acceptable’ of their own religious ‘doctrine’. The same holds true of my life in general with my knowing and having known so many of so many different faith beliefs. What is my blog about-what am I doing and why am I doing it? The message of the title says it all. I am simply one reflection that is as a thundering waterfall cascading God’s Love, in the way in which I have been asked to do. I am doing this because it is what God asks me to do. Our voices may be shaky, we may experience fear and doubt and many human emotions and challenges in our daily lives, but if each of us fills ourselves and then extends that Love which is God within us outwards for Its own sake; for Love’s Sake, then we do what is asked of us and that is all that is asked of us. I call you as you also call me. I hold you in grace and in Love.

These private beliefs/knowings are signs of the Spirit working in us all; and that Spirit of God/Love of which we are all a part of speaks to us, guides us, teaches us regardless of whether we are a part of a ‘formal’ religion or of none at all. We are all Loved and Love because that which created us is Love, and we are of It and Itself.  And we are much more than we perceive in our essence. We have many different names for it, we have many different understandings which over time have hardened into doctrine from good intentions to share with others, mixed with an unhealthy dose of control and power, which as structures harden is a result, often making them inflexible.  Creation is fluid and expansive, it is not limiting or controlling. Creation is and was of Free Will, not rules and routines.  Creation leads us to the knowing that self-discipline through our desire and yearning  for more relationship with It can be joyous expressions, experiences of intimacy and endless limitless variations because creation is Love Loving Itself and ever evolving, which is in itself yet another of two mystical paradoxes as all that is was/is created in the same moment and ever recreates itself.

And so I feel that as long as each of us does what is asked of us by God; all will be well. And it is only in the whole that we will be able to see what small part each of us played in that. For I do believe that each of us and all creation is a single unique part/aspect of that whole. On this level, I cannot know what comes of the words I write, nor can you know what effect your words and ideas have on me as they are of the Spirit moving through us, guiding us as it wills for its own purpose.  Yet I also feel that one day, somewhere, somehow we will all know and then we can rest knowing that we did the very best we could and held nothing of ourselves back that was asked of us; just as waterfalls never stall at the edge wondering whether they should cascade over into the unknown.

In the following rendering of Rumi; the reference to ‘take it by force’ relates to increasing the power of pure  Love to such a force that it becomes irresistable, which is of course is Gods interaction with us and calling of us. If we appear ‘immune’ to Love, Love just ups its game until we fall helplessly and willingly into its safe embrace, no longer able or wanting to resist. This is my message to all of you.