Allegory And Understanding: Shadows And Liberation

You can never cross the ocean 
unless you have the courage 
to lose sight of the shore.”
~ Christopher Columbus

Here is an allegory I have used time and time again in my books and teachings; and is useful yet again following our exploration of the early days of the Christian Church, the variety and diversity of paths it took according to the individuals who professed it, before it became amalgamated into one force; [and reduced in its richness and fullness in so doing].  We are now moving slowly across another bridge at this point; to a more expanded understanding. It also highlights various peoples modern understanding of their faiths and religions; and our differing levels of illumination according to what we have experienced directly as opposed to what we have received as teaching. But first; we will have a glimpse at what lies beyond the cave that we may be inhabiting…in a modern beauty, from The Matrix, one which always makes me smile with its knowing and wisdom: do you too know this truth?

There Is No Spoon

Platos Myth of the Cave.