Extremely well written and right on the mark. Enjoy. The “vertical” journey is what makes it happen!

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Today, as I write this, I remember that it is my “rebirth” day. This was the day I dropped my given name and received a new “spiritual” name. Along with that I also dropped some layers of my old identity and embarked on a search for what was true.

The search for what is true is the “spiritual search”: the quest for awakening or enlightenment. Today, there seems to be so much talk about “awakening”. Never before – at least in the known history of humankind – has there been so much interest in spiritual matters. What was once reserved for mystics has become commonplace. And what once required years of seclusion in a cave at the top of the Himalayas has not become available to us in the everyday context. To many of us interested in the path of awakening, “enlightenment” is no longer a mysterious word. But it…

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