I agree whole heartedly with this post and find expressed, so beautifully, the bankruptcy of the present doctrine, compared with the richness and inclusivity of its earliest days. The spiritual experience in the earliest days was whole, round, allowing for expression and experience. It has become fractured, incomplete with much hidden, the doctrine of Roman Catholicism has excluded women from priestly roles where at first they were included as equals in God’s eyes of full unhindered participation in ALL aspects of religious life. And thankyou-for entitling this post to me…very humbling and very special.

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Things Christianity Lost Early On

What do I mean when I say that Christianity has lost much of what once typified its beliefs, practices and disciplines and that with those losses, much of our potential witness of and for the kingdom of God has been diminished?

First, what I do not mean. I do not mean that the Spirit of God is not active in the lives of people today. For a great telling of her own true story, if you have not already heard it, listen to the amazing testimony which Nadia Bolz-Weber shared at a recent ELCA youth convention. RHE has it posted on her blog. God has always worked with whatever we have, by faith, given God to work with.

I mean, rather, that basic teachings, disciplines and practices which were present in the early church did not survive for very many generations. If you look…

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