Saint or Sinner: The Search For Mary Magdelene

For the next few posts I wish to explore the role of women in the Christian Church in its earliest days. I will look firstly at Jesus’s  “most beloved disciple”, Mary Magdalene. In this we look at the very early Church, women’s roles within it and how that has changed to the Church we see today. Mary, witness to the Resurrection. We ask who was she really? Saint or Sinner?

Rev Peter Owen Jones is the vicar to whom Revelations was sent. I am not sure my American viewers will be familiar with him; and he is well worth a YouTube Search, as he has now made several very good documentaries regarding faith. In this clip which is part of a larger documentary; he explores the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in search of the real woman.


2 thoughts on “Saint or Sinner: The Search For Mary Magdelene

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    To start off my new blog, I am reblogging posts from my blog Living In The Monastery Without Walls which are specific to women. We start with Mary Magdalene, Saint or Sinner?

  2. Religion4All says:

    Wonderful! I have always wanted to know more about the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. I’ve always thought it a shame that the Bible as we know it is simply something that Catholic Bishops voted on … hence, all sorts of writings were left out. Christianity at that time wasn’t even what the life of Christ represented … yet so many feel that it is the ONLY Word of God. It seems kind of silly, if I may speak candidly :-).

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